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In the conclusion of Mark Twain's classic novel, Huck says he wants no truck with being "civilized." And if things don't go well he just might "light out for Injun Territory." In this screenplay, Allan and his partner - the late Chris Bunch - pick up from there and Huck flees West, trying to escape "Civilization." Along the way he meets a colorful cast of characters: a teenage delinquent by the name Of Jesse James, Harriet Tubman on a raid to free her enslaved family, a foul-mouthed Kit Carson... and many more.  Available both as a handsome 8x11 paperback, and on Kindle. Note to Kindle Advantage members: you can read the screenplay free. 


green river

It's 1837 and a young man finds himself stranded high in the Rocky Mountains and thousands of miles of wilderness from home. After burying his father, a preacher bound for Oregon to bring religion to the "heathen Indians," Isaac Burns picks up his father's Hawken rifle and sets off on a journey that cannot end in anything but tragedy. And then, out of the darkness, strides a shaggy angel clad in buckskins and furs. His name is Noah Smythe, a mountain man who is struggling with his own personal battle to hold on to a world that will soon slip from his grasp. Reluctantly, he takes Isaac under his wing and they set off a incredible journey that will test both spirit and flesh and will reach its shattering climax in a wilderness rendezvous that will go down in legend as The Last Green River.
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It's Christmas in Berlin, 1944. The city is under constant bombardment. Hitler is in his bunker and the Russians are advancing on the Oder River, intent on exacting bloody revenge. Other than the poor, only the Nazis and the criminals remain in the city. Max is a thief, which in this brutal world gone made, makes him one of the good guys. To escape with his lover, Brigitte, he makes a deal with the devil - a Nazi bishop - to steal a fabled Satanic cross from the art collection of Herman Goering. Max must move fast. The Reichsmarshall is planning his own escape, along with his looted art. At present, Goering is holed up in his fortress/mansion, Karinhall, where he drifts in and out of morphine dreams of a long lost love. 
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It's 1799 and the African slave trade is at its height. Chima - a young Ibo blacksmith - is carried away with his whole village by brutal slaveraiders. Chima and his best friend, Ofo - an Ibo holyman - are sold to Virginia planters. There they struggle to maintain their African identity, but in the end Chima's friend is killed by a white overseer. To Chima the murder has also doomed his friend's ghost to wander this inhospitable land forever. He kills the overseer and escapes, barely eluding packs of dogs and white slave hunters. Then, with every white hand set against him, he travels west - seeking freedom in the lands where the sun goes to rest. And where Arochuku - the sun god - reigns over all. 
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50 KIDS ARE ABOUT TO DIE: Mac thought he’d seen every human evil. A former Company man, he’d witnessed mass murder and systematic torture. And he’d meted out justice to the perpetrators whenever he had the chance. But now that he was living the idyllic life of a Boca Raton beach bum, he figured that was all behind him. Then his housekeeper’s granddaughter was kidnapped and Mac was plunged into a conspiracy born from the hells, involving an exiled Central American dictator, the Company, and fifty innocent children. By the time he finds out it’s almost too late and Mac must become a one-man army to save the day.



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Werewolf was a half-hour horror series created by Frank Lupo (The A-Team, Hunter, Wiseguys) and was one of the original shows in the Fox network's broadcast line-up during its inaugural season of 1987–1988. 
Patterned loosely after "The Fugitive," the series follows the adventures of Eric Cord (John J. York), who is forced to kill his best friend - a recently "infected" werewolf - but not before being bitten and "infected," himself. Now he is on the run - wanted for murder - and desperately seeking the monster who started it all.
If he kills that creature, he is told, then he will be free of the curse. At first he believes the originator of his "bloodline," is a drifter named Janos Skorzeny (played by Chuck Connors in his last television role). While pursuing Skorzeny, Cord himself is pursued by the persistent bounty hunter "Alamo" Joe Rogan (Lance LeGault). However, Cord then begins to hunt down Nicholas Remy (Brian Thompson), the real originator of the bloodline. The show aired a two-hour pilot (written by Frank Lupo) and 28 half-hour episodes before being cancelled in 1988 in a dispute with Fox.     
My late partner, Chris Bunch, and I were story editors on Werewolf and wrote eleven of the 28 episodes - and rewrote most of the other episodes from the ground up under the direction of Frank Lupo, who had a fierce and passionate image of the show he had created.

In our twenty-plus years as writing partners, Chris and I sold more scripts than we cared to remember and worked on many shows. But, Werewolf was the show we preferred above all others and working for Lupo was our most gratifying and artistically rewarding experience. I wrote about the good times we had working on the show in four episodes of my popular blog, My Hollywood MisAdventures, which presents an insider's view of life as a Hollywood screenwriter. Among other things, it reveals once and for all the real reasons Chuck Connors left the show.
Here are the links: MisAdventure # 50 - The Neighbors Are Scaring Our Werewolf; MisAdventure #51 - The Silver Bullet Sanction; MisAdventures #52 - Two American Werewolves In Brighton; MisAdventure #53 - Killing People Is Fun; MisAdventure 54 - Chuck Connors Kisses The Ring.
Because of a contractual dispute beyond my understand, (I was an English major, what do you want?) Werewolf was pulled off the air after only one season. That same dispute kept the series from being sold into Syndication until only recently. A Google search will no doubt turn up a TV schedule showing the dates in your cable neighborhood that it will air. A deal was tentatively approved for making the DVD's of the show available. But, alas, that fell through because of the same old issues that have been plaguing the series from the beginning. There are bootleg copies of the show, but as far as I'm concerned all the pirates of books, music and film can burn in whatever Hell the Gods Of Artists' Livelihoods have in store for them. Be patient, and they'll be available by and by. Hopefully, on Netflix as well.
Meanwhile, after writing the series of MisAdventures about Werewolf, I was besieged by curious readers who wanted to read the scripts that Chris and I wrote for the show. Of the 29 episodes, we wrote 11. Most of the rest were rewritten by us from the ground up, under the supervision of our boss, Frank Lupo. A notable exception was "Gray Wolf," which was wonderfully written by science fiction master, Norman Spinrad, an old and dear friend of Chris'.

To satisfy my faithful readers I'm publishing Kindle versions of the 11 scripts Chris and I wrote. The links will be appearing here one by one, so be sure to bookmark this site so you can come back and see the next one available for download.

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1. The Wolf Who Thought He Was A Man: Eric runs afoul of a man who has taken the bloody art of hunting to a new - and terrifying - level.

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2. The Black Ship: Eric is trapped aboard the abandoned hulk of an old freighter by one of Skorzeny's slaves. And now he awaits the arrival of the Werewolf King.

3. Let Us Prey: Hot on the trail of Skorzeny, Eric encounters some holy brothers who take preying to whole different level of horror.

4. Nightmare In Blue: Eric Cord barely escapes capture by Alamo Joe Rogan, but runs straight into a trap set by a monster with a badge and a gun. 

5. Wolfhunt: Eric's fate becomes entwined with a real wolf and the rancher who is determined to hunt them both down with silver bullets supplied by Alamo Joe Rogan.

6. Big Daddy: Eric Cord runs afoul of a legendary political boss - sidelined by cancer - who has some scary ideas about how Eric can cure him. 

7. King Of The Road: Eric is trapped with a band of villainous hobos in a boxcar on a highball express run to the scrap yard. And one of them is a werewolf! 

8. A Material Girl: Armed with a pistol loaded with silver bullets Eric pursues Skorzeny into a closed mall. There he encounters a runaway girl who is hiding out in the mall, living a life of stolen luxury. Meanwhile, the Werewolf King is still stalking the aisles.

9. Amazing Grace: Eric is unintentionally responsible for getting a nice little old lady committed to the Mental Institution From Hell, with a villainous staff straight out of "The Cuckoo's Nest." What's a guilt-ridden werewolf to do? Break the little old lady and her crazy chums out of the slammer, is what. (A change of pace story, this "Grace" was the only comic episode we did for the show.)

10. To Dream Of Wolves - Part 1 
Eric finally tracks down Skorzeny (played by Chuck Connors), but learns that he is not the originator of their 
loodline. To rid himself of the curse, Eric must first engage in a fight to the death with Skorzeny. Then, if he survives, he must track down the real Werewolf King, who is an even greater and more powerful enemy. 

11. To Dream Of Wolves - Part 2
Every hand seems turned against Eric as he tracks down the real King Of The Werewolves - a creature who seems to go back to the dawn of humankind. "Do you think it was I," he asks Eric, "who slew Able?"


Click this link to learn what the series is all about, and also to read sample chapters of all eight Sten novels.

How did it all begin? Click this link to find out how we sold the novel series in "Sten: The Fast Turn Around Caper."

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Born on Vulcan, a factory planet where human life has less value than the lowliest machine, Sten rebels against The Company following the mysterious death of his parents. He harasses the Company from the mazelike warren of tunnels beneath the planet. He could have been just another "delinq" -- but people like Sten never give up...


Raised on the factory planet of Vulcan, Sten soon learns about the survival of the toughest. Now he wants more than survival. The Eternal Emperor rules countless worlds across the galaxy. Vast armies and huge fleets await his command. But when the Emperor needs to pacify the Wolf Worlds, the planets of an insignificant cluster that have raised space piracy to a low art, he turns to Mantis Team and its small band of militant problem solvers. Sten's destiny is in his own hands.
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(The first new Sten in 20 Years)

MUTINY! In the Eternal Emperor’s service it is forbidden to even speak the word. To join an insurgency is a firing-squad offense. So, when the crewmembers of the Flame turn traitor and steal an entire space train of Imperium X - the second most valuable element in the Empire -- and threaten to sell it to the Emperor's enemies, the Emperor only has one option . . . to send in his best assassin and dirty trickster: Sten! This thrilling new Sten adventure builds on the classic 8-volume series created by Allan Cole and Chris Bunch.

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Sten had fought his way up from slave labor on a factory world to commander of the Eternal Emperor’s bodyguard, the Imperial Gurkhas. But during his first three months on Prime World, the most dangerous weapons Sten had encountered were the well-phrased lies of Court politicians. It seemed no place for an honest fighting man. But when a bomb destroys a local bar, Sten discovers the danger and corruption behind Court intrigue. Only quick work by Sten, Alex Kilgour, and a tough female detective can keep the Empire together and the Emperor alive.



Sten’s luck seems to have deserted him. Having been assigned a tacdivision in the Fringe Worlds, he soon discovers that the Imperial Officers are more interested in having fun than honing their fighting skills. The enemy Tahn couldn’t have picked a better time or place to launch their long-planned attack against the Empire. Sten and his men are outgunned and outmanned—but Sten isn’t going to give up without a fight.



Sten had fully expected to die in a blaze of glory, taking his Emperor's greatest foe with him. Instead he was a slave laborer in a POW camp deep in the heart of enemy territory. But sitting out the action had never been Sten's style. And now that the war was building to a climax, the Eternal Emperor needed him more than ever. Not even the toughest prison in the known universe could keep Sten from his mission.




The Eternal Emperor was dead, and the five members of the Privy Council ruled in his place. But they quickly discovered that their power would collapse around them if they didn't locate the Emperor's secret source of Anti-Matter Two, the economic keystone of the Empire. And so they sent a team of crack commandos to capture Sten, one of their late ruler's few surviving confidantes. But Sten, as usual, had his own agenda. For he knew something about the Eternal Emperor that would shake the Empire to its foundations. And to play his part, all Sten had to do was kill the five most powerful beings in the universe!

The Eternal Emperor had returned at last from the dead, to pick up the pieces of his crumbling Empire. But even that great leader could not halt the Empire’s decline alone. And so Sten — master spy, military strategist, and assassin — found himself appointed Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the Altaic Cluster, where a brewing civil war threatened the stability of the Empire itself. Quelling a civil war is nothing new for Sten, but as the war intensifies, he begins to suspect that he is up against more than a mere local disturbance. Someone — operating in deep–cover and seemingly backed by the highest authorities — is working behind the scenes to manipulate events and escalate disaster. And that someone wants nothing more than to see Sten dead…


The Empire is in chaos. The once–great Imperial Navy has been shattered in battle and lies burning in space, riven by a civil war that threatens to engulf humanity’s future. For the revered Eternal Emperor is not the man his subjects thought him to be. And it is Sten — Imperial bodyguard, spy, assassin, renegade — who now leads humanity’s fight for survival. Taking command of the last rebel fleet, he sets out on a desperate quest to seek and destroy the dark source of his former master’s power. Denounced as a traitor, hunted by forces loyal to the Emperor, Sten must risk everything to annihilate the Empire he vowed to protect.

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Wildside Books is now offering this classic science fiction series in three handsome omnibus editions. All eight books are included, which is one clot of a deal!



Here's the Kindle link for BATTLECRY
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Two new companion editions to the international best-selling Sten series. In the first, learn the Emperor's most closely held  cooking secrets. In the other, Sten unleashes his shaggy-dog joke cracking sidekick, Alex Kilgour. Both available as trade paperbacks or in all major e-book flavors. Click here to tickle your funny bone or sizzle your palate.  


BASED ON THE CLASSIC STEN SERIES by Allan Cole & Chris Bunch: Fresh from their mission to pacify the Wolf Worlds, Sten and his Mantis Team encounter a mysterious ship that has been lost among the stars for thousands of years. At first, everyone aboard appears to be long dead. Then a strange Being beckons, pleading for help. More disturbing: the presence of AM2, a strategically vital fuel tightly controlled by their boss - The Eternal Emperor. They are ordered to retrieve the remaining AM2 "at all costs." But once Sten and his heavy worlder sidekick, Alex Kilgour, board the ship they must dare an out of control defense system that attacks without warning as they move through dark warrens filled with unimaginable horrors. When they reach their goal they find that in the midst of all that death are the "seeds" of a lost civilization.